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SAARAH  was established in 2014, located in the cultural capital of Indonesia, Yogyakarta. We are proud to offer our customers world class products and services done by a team of experienced and talented individuals, dedicated to delighting our guests. With over a decade’s of experience  in the spa, hospitality and customer service industry, our directors and the management team take hands on approach to day-to-day operations.

SAARAH is dedicating to treating all aspects of our customer’s wellness, from relaxing the body, calming the soul and clearing the mind and also our dedication to delivering exceptional experiences from the moment they are in contact with us.

SAARAH has combined the eastern and western methodology fused of ancient Indonesian healing techniques with western understanding of the anatomy that will bring a delightful experience for each individual customer. We have a spa menu cater to different needs, significant investments in our training to ensure we are delivering the highest standard of treatments and highest quality of service.

Our brand offer an inviting and calming environment and pay meticulous attention to many other aspects or elements that make our spa experience unique; the aromas, the sounds, the taste, the feel, the texture and the visual details.

Our Vision:
To grow SAARAH to become one of the most prominent spas in Indonesia

Our Mission:
To provide total wellbeing of our customers as a lifestyle approach, a complete head to toe experience that aims to rejuvenate the body, invigorate the soul, and rejuvenate the mind and pamper your senses.

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